Telemetry Plus is a distributed software/hardware platform that provides secure, reliable, and efficient transport of standard control protocol data through a mobile IP network.

Telemetry Plus enables companies that use telemetry, such as the utility industry to easily leverage the benefits of low cost, always connected data available through the widely deployed GPRS, 3G, or NextG mobile networks.

Key advantages of Telemetry Plus are; no infrastructure to install such as radio towers or phone lines, elimination of spectrum licenses or land easement negotiations, and the outsourcing of system maintenance to the telecommunication provider.

The benefits of packet switched data inherent in GPRS / 3G / NextG technologies means that always on always connected field assets can be accessed and controlled at any time without dialing.

Telemetry Plus lowers the financial barrier for adoption by allowing customers to incrementally trial the technology before committing to a large project. Project risk is also substantally lowered by offering customers a product rather than custom built solution to mobile telemetry.

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