1. How can I tell if an area I am interested in receives mobile phone coverage?

Quite literally take your mobile phone to the area and check how many bars it has. You can also call your Telco sales rep or poke around on their website to find coverage maps of the area. Or you could ask us for assistance and we will be happy to help.

2. Can mobile telemetry and Telemetry Plus work in areas that do not have mobile phone coverage?


3. Will Telemetry Plus work with any GPRS, 3G, or NextG modem on the market?

Telemetry Plus works with several smart modems on the market today such as the Sierra Wireless FX Series, the Netcomm NTC-3000, or the Multitech Multimodem.

If there is a particular modem you are interested in or need help finding a local distributor please ask:

4. Whats the difference between a standard modem and a smart modem?

A standard GPRS, 3G, or NextG modem requires the field device to be IP capable and implement VPN encryption. Many existing field devices do not support such modems. A smart modem on the other hand, once loaded with the Telemetry Plus software can transparently manage the IP connection and VPN functions on behalf of the field device, creating a virtual serial connection across the network.


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